Man Arraigned In Nantucket Superior Court On Child Rape Charge

David Creed •

An island resident was arraigned in Nantucket Superior Court on Monday on one count of rape of a child, which allegedly took place 20 years ago.

Daniel Santangelo, 43, of Nantucket, was released on his own personal recognizance but will be required to abide by several conditions including staying away 25 yards from the alleged victim and having no direct or indirect contact with the individual. He was ordered stay in the state of Massachusetts unless given permission by the court to travel, not to abuse the alleged victim, and notify a probation officer if he has a change in address.

Santangelo’s next pretrial hearing will be on either August 9 or August 10.

According to the police report, the incident allegedly occurred in 2003 between Santangelo (24 at the time) and a 13-year-old girl.

The incident was reported seven years later in 2010, but no charges resulted from the initial police investigation. Santangelo was eventually arraigned in Nantucket District Court in 2021 and Judge James Sullivan found probable cause against Santangelo on a statutory rape charge in August of 2022 during a probable cause hearing in which Santangelo’s attorney argued that the charge should be dismissed due to a lack of physical evidence and the result of no charges resulting from the 2010 investigation.

The charge was elevated to Nantucket Superior Court on March 20 after an indictment was returned by a Nantucket Grand Jury.

Timothy Tanana-Nye, 30, of Yarmouth, was scheduled to be arraigned in Nantucket Superior Court on Monday on charges of manslaughter and possession with the intent to distribute a Class A drug (fentanyl). He was also indicted by a Nantucket Grand Jury on March 20. Due to boat cancellations, the arraignment was rescheduled to Tuesday, May 9.

The charges Tanana-Nye is facing are related to a 2021 fatal fentanyl overdose of a 2019 graduate of Nantucket High School.

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