Objects to "Anti-Israel" Protests On Nantucket

Ross Silverstein •

To the editor: The anti-Israel protestors on Nantucket demonstrated that they don’t know what they’re talking about. First, their use of the terms “genocide” and “apartheid state” reveals (i) their

Chris Perry Column: Sock It To Me

Chris Perry •

I think the dust has finally settled.Air Force One roared off the island. The State Troopers and their motorcycles are back on the mainland. The Secret Service has returned to Washington and

A Very Merry Bird Count

Libby Buck, Conservation Science and Land Steward at the Linda Loring Nature Foundation •

As Nantucket Island prepares for its 69th annual Christmas Bird Count on December 31st, 2023, the call goes out to all bird and nature lovers—your help is needed! This event is a unique and festive

The Apology Letter President Biden Should Write To Nantucket

Peter Hoey •

To the editor: It is unlikely the President will write, but I imagine it would read like this: To all Nantucketers: I write to express my appreciation and to offer an apology … and a promise.Jill

Nantucket's Jewish Congregation Responds To Pro-Palestine Protest

Chuck Shoneman and Rabbi Gary Bretton-Granatoor •

To the editor: In response to the recent pro-Palestinian protest on Nantucket, Congregation Shirat HaYam is issuing the statement below: We represent the leadership of Shirat HaYam, Nantucket's

Only Full-Time Residents Should Be Voting On Nantucket

AO Hillman •

To the editor: If you really believe what happened in Truro is not already happening here, it just means you are naive. People have been doing it for years. And while the messenger and timing of the

Voters Weren't Confused. They Didn't Want The STR Zoning Bylaw

John Sylvia •

To the editor: A narrative I’ve been hearing from the local media and others is that the STR work group’s articles failed strictly because of confusion. I agree that some voters may have voted down

NAREB Honors Community Volunteers

Penny Dey •

To the editor: At the NAREB Principal's meeting held yesterday, we voted unanimously to honor two of our members for their commitment to the community through their volunteer work: Congratulations

Chris Perry Column: Show Me Some Of The Money

Chris Perry •

Now, that wasn’t so difficult, was it?For the past two years, all Vineyard Wind and Cultural Heritage Partners had to do was push two buttons. And last week, they finally did.The first button

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