Chris Perry Column: Sausages And Laws

Chris Perry •

“The new phone book is here…” “The new phone book is here…” In the good old days when the new phone book arrived, it created quite a stir in everyone’s household. I can remember my grandparents

Article 60 Is A Misguided Bid To Help Affordable Housing

Chris Bevis •

To the editor: While I have no doubt article 60 is well-intentioned and intended to address the very real issue of affordable housing on Nantucket, recent statements by its proponents grossly

Are Nantucketers Really "Seasick" Over Topless Beaches?

Jason Graziadei •

Nantucket voters famously endorsed topless beaches island-wide at last year's Annual Town Meeting. But that vote did not become the law of the land until former Massachusetts Attorney General (and

Say No To Billionaire Bullies

Rebek Duhaime •

To the Editor: Nantucket has a proud history of saying no to billionaire bullying. Great to see this tradition is alive and well, as evidenced in the clam shack licensing win! Now let’s say no to

Chris Perry Column: Let's Clean It Up

Chris Perry •

Where is Iron Eyes Cody when you need him?Right now, Nantucket could use a dose of Iron Eyes because far too many island roads are looking more like the Cross Bronx Expressway instead of a main

Short-Term Rentals: Enough Is Enough

Eric Silfen •

To the editor: We’ve heard a lot about the need for more data related to short-term rentals (STRs) for vacationers. Enough is enough. We don’t need more data, another consultant, or months of study group meetings to tell us what we already know.

Chris Perry Column: It's All About Aisle 10

Chris Perry •

I don’t know what’s more difficult: successfully negotiating your way through the self-check-out aisles at Stop & Shop without triggering the alarm or presently trying to find a relocated box of

Solving Nantucket's Housing Crisis Starts With Passing Article 60

Scott O'Connor •

To the editor:I didn't understand the extent of the housing crisis until I was looking for year-round housing options for one of my long-time employees. Ultimately, it became clear that finding

What Are We Going to Do About Nantucket’s Housing Crisis?

Mary Mack •

To the editor:Nantucket has a lot of houses, but no housing. It’s a non sequitur, but it is the reality here: many people who work in the community, currently cannot find a place to live.There is

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