Why I'm Voting "NO" On Article 59

Beverly Dammin •

To the editor: With regard to STRs, many friends and neighbors have asked what they can and can’t do under the recent Land Court decision, and why they should vote NO on Article 59. This is because

Don't Be Fooled. 59 Is The Real Threat To Our Island's Economy

Matthew Peel •

(Spanish version below, Version Español más abajo) To the editor: As we look at the state of the current Nantucket short-term rental (STR) market, two terms

Grandfathering Under Article 59 Unfair To Homeowners

Carl Jelleme •

To the editor: One of the provisions that was suggested in a proposed warrant article to regulate short-term rentals (STRs) at a recent Select Board meeting was grandfathering, which would allow all

NLWC: Vote No On Article 59

William Willet, Lucy Dillon, David Troast, and Matthew Liddle •

To the editor: The Nantucket Land and Water Council (NLWC) has been working to preserve the health of Nantucket’s environment and community through the protection of our land and water resources

Don't Be Scared Into Voting For Article 59

Peter McCausland •

To the editor: I understand that Steven Cohen is trying to drum up support for his Article 59, but he should stop fear-mongering through inaccuracies and mischaracterizations in doing so. It isn’t

Vote To Make Short-Term Rentals Legal

Steven Cohen •

To the editor: An order by a state court judge effectively prohibits short-term rentals (STRs) on Nantucket, for now. The order provides that STRs could be legalized by Town Meeting, but we

Short-Term Rentals And Nantucket's Housing Crisis

Chuck Davis •

To the editor: At the Meet the Articles event sponsored by the Nantucket Civic League this past weekend, in discussing his article 59, Steven Cohen stated, “The idea that short-term rentals are

All Nantucket Homeowners Should Be Alarmed: Vote No On Article 59

Cathy Ward •

To the editor: Dear neighbors, my name is Cathy Ward. I am a year-round resident. About three years ago I filed a complaint with the zoning department about my neighbors using their residence as a

Chris Perry Column: I'd Love To Prove Him Wrong

Chris Perry •

Full disclosure: I have known John for over 30 years and I consider him a good friend. In fact, my oldest daughter, Kate, slung ice cream for him when he owned Yogurt Plus back in 1994.His initial

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