ACK 4 Whales On NOAA's Proposed Vessel Speed Restriction

Amy DiSibio •

To the editor: As an avid supporter of the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale, I find NOAA’s proposed 10-knot restriction for boats traveling in Nantucket Sound to be disingenuous at

Chris Perry Column: Tomatoes & Corn

Chris Perry •

Six days a week, he holds court. Part musician, part cook, part Renaissance man, part salesman, fluent in Spanish, and looking to study intellectual property law in New York, his knowledge runs

Current Waters: Time To Shuffle The Deck

Captain Carl Bois •

When you spend every day on the water, you are bound to have those days and weeks where things just don’t come together the way you expect. There are some weeks that are just not as good as others.

Our Island Is Not A Commodity To Be Capitalized Upon: Keep The Wine Festival Local

E.J. Harvey •

To the editor: As a chef who has called Nantucket home for over four decades, I've witnessed the ebb and flow of our island's culinary scene. But nothing has quite captured the spirit of our

Check Your Nantucket Negativity At Your Own Door

Nat Lowell •

To the editor: Last week's lengthly letter criticizing tourism on Nantucket currently secures the #1 spot for worst letter of the year. That is quite an accomplishment as there have been a number of

Current Nature: The Rich History Of Blueberries

Jenny Kafas, Conservation Research and Stewardship Intern at the Linda Loring Nature Foundation •

Mid-July is approaching, which means the start of one of my favorite summer activities is almost upon us; blueberry picking! The practice of foraging for blueberries in this region dates long before

Current Waters: In Praise Of Scup

Capt. Carl Bois •

The striped bass fishing is still incredibly good. If you like striper fishing you have no excuse. We’re still looking forward to that big batch of bluefish to show up. They have been caught but they

Thank You From The Culkins Family

The Culkins Family •

Thank you from The Culkins Cup! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of The Culkins Cup, a fundraising event for the Nantucket Hockey Foundation. Your support

Tourism On Nantucket Has Reached Critical Mass. Here's What To Do Next

Alan Rubinstein •

To the editor:  It should be abundantly obvious to even the most casual observer that tourism on Nantucket has reached critical mass. Traffic on Old South Road is routinely backed up for miles

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