Mid-Island Drug Bust Netted "Hundreds Of Pills" Of Fentanyl, Meth

By Jason Graziadei •

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Here’s the latest on last week’s major drug bust on Nantucket, as we’ve learned more specifics about the type of drugs that were seized during the execution of a search warrant on Fifth Way.

The federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) on Friday released the photo above of what it called “hundreds of pills containing fentanyl and meth” seized at the island residence.

The suspect in the drug bust, which involved local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, will be arraigned today in Nantucket District Court. Ariste A. Lemus-Ramirez, 26 is facing drug trafficking charges following the execution of a search warrant last Wednesday at his home at 4 Fifth Way.

Nantucket Police Lt. Angus MacVicar declined to comment on the case or share additional information until Lemus-Ramirez is arraigned. Drug overdose deaths in the United States have surged during the pandemic, reaching a record high for the period ending Oct. 2021, with about two-thirds of those deaths involving synthetic opioids such as fentanyl.

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