38-Foot Waves Recorded South Of Nantucket During Storm

Jason Graziadei •

The south shore beaches got swamped by surf during Monday's storm. Photo by Kit Noble

The offshore waves south of Nantucket on Monday were taller than the Green Monster at Fenway Park.

That anecdote was shared Tuesday by the National Weather Service's Boston office to demonstrate the energy unleashed by the powerful coastal storm that lashed New England.

The observation came from the Nantucket Shoals buoy operated by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and located approximately 54 nautical miles southeast of the island. At 6:10 p.m. on Monday, the buoy recorded waves at 38 feet.

"To provide some context, the Green Monster at Fenway is ~37 ft.," the National Weather Service's Boston office stated in a post on X

Screen Shot 2023 12 19 at 11 01 41 PM
Wave height data from NOAA's Nantucket Shoals buoy.

When the waves arrived along Nantucket's souths shore on Monday they were, of course, much smaller, but still sizable enough to cause erosion in numerous locations. Waves spilled over into Miacomet Pond, punched through a dune near the Surfside Wastewater Treatment Facility, and battered the former Tom Nevers Navy Base property.

Despite the huge surf and wind gusts that topped 60 mph, there were no widespread power outages reported on Nantucket.

Others on the mainland weren't so lucky. More than 600,000 people lost power across New England for various portions of time during the storm, while heavy rains caused significant flooding in Maine and other areas of Vermont and New Hampshire. Sadly, three people died in weather-related incidents during the storm.

Waves off the south shore on Monday. Photo by Kit Noble
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