After Four Months, PLUS Staff Still On Administrative Leave

Jason Graziadei •

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Back in late March, we reported that two town employees in the Planning & Land Use Services (PLUS) department had been on paid administrative leave since the end of January. "The Town is currently investigating the matter and we expect that investigation to conclude shortly," town manager Libby Gibson said at the time.

Now, nearly four months later, the two PLUS staffers remain on administrative leave and have still not returned to the town offices off Fairgrounds Road.

"The employees remain on leave while the investigation is being completed," Gibson told the Current in an email on Thursday.

Once again she added: "We expect that the investigation will be completed shortly."

The town has declined to name the employees or elaborate on the circumstances that led to the decision. One of the employees was placed on leave on Jan. 30, and the other on Feb. 1. It's unclear if it is paid or unpaid leave. Gibson stated back in March that the action to place the two employees on leave has not had an impact on services at the department.

"We have not been advised that there has been an impact on PLUS services," Gibson said.

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