Airport Manager Receives Positive Review In Annual Evaluation

David Creed •

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Nantucket Memorial Airport manager Noah Karberg

The Nantucket Airport Commission conducted an annual evaluation of airport manager Noah Karberg Tuesday evening. The annual evaluation was negotiated as part of the agreement made last year to promote Karberg to replace former airport manager Tom Rafter.

Commission chair Arthur Gasbarro said he reached out to each commission member individually asking them for their input on Karberg and his performance thus far after assuming the role in January. Gasbarro then read a prepared evaluation that was made using his and others input.

Gasbarro said that Karberg has consistently exceeded expectations and standards for his role. He said key strengths and achievements include Karberg demonstrating exceptional skills and knowledge in managing the airport's daily operations including safety, security, maintenance, customer service and financial performance.

“He has fostered a positive and collaborative work environment where he motivates, supports, and empowers his staff to achieve their goals and grow their careers,” Gasbarro said. He has been respectful, courteous, and professional with everyone that he interacts with.”

Gasbarro added that he and the commission were impressed with Karberg’s handling of an ethics complaint where he was found to violate a conflict-of-interest law and was hit with a $4,000 fine.

“He was cooperative through the state investigation into the filed ethics complaint and acted professionally and accepting of the outcome,” Gasbarro said.

As for areas of improvement, Gasbarro said that Karberg could benefit from continued attendance of professional development courses and workshops to update his skills and knowledge on the latest trends and best practices in the aviation industry. He added that Karberg should continue to delegate some of his tasks and responsibilities to his staff, and not try to handle every matter.

“Noah is an asset to our organization and a valuable member of our community.,” Gasbarro said. “He has demonstrated leadership, management, and professional skills in his role as the airport manager.”

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