Airport Limits Fuel Sales Ahead Of Potential Shortage

David Creed •

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The Nantucket Memorial Airport restricted Jet-A fuel sales Saturday afternoon forecasting a potential shortage. This restriction limits fuel sales to only scheduled commercial aircraft and emergencies. If necessary, airport officials say they will limit fuel sales to emergencies only beginning on Tuesday, August 2.

Assistant airport manager Noah Karberg said this shortage is not an issue of planning or supply. The airport began the weekend with 55,000 gallons of fuel in their farm, which is generally enough to last through the weekend. But Karberg said with the repairs being done to the M/V Gayhead, there are uncertainties about the ability of the Steamship Authority to accommodate deliveries through the Woods Hole Terminal.

"This decision preserves inventory for scheduled passenger operations and emergencies," he said. "We will resume sales for general aviation as soon as we can ensure supply, and that passenger and emergency operations will not be adversely impacted."

Karberg said SSA General Manager Robert B. Davis told the airport they will continue to work with them and their fuel supplier to accommodate these fuel shipments to the island.

Airport protocol is to cease sales of Jet-A fuel when inventory falls below 5,000 gallons and preserve it for emergencies such as Boston MedFlights, air ambulance services, and Search and Rescue. Sales of 100 LL fuel, which is used by smaller piston powered aircraft such as Cape Air Cessna 402's, are not currently affected.

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