Community Foundation For Nantucket Names Scholarship Recipients

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The Community Foundation For Nantucket (CFN) announced their 2022 scholarship recipients last weekend, awarding 18 members of the Nantucket High School Class of 2022 with 14 scholarships for a combined total of over $37,500. They will distribute over $80,000 in total this year between 2022 scholarships and multi-year awards.

“The Community Foundation is thrilled to grow our scholarship program year after year to support the hardworking students of Nantucket Public Schools, to recognize their efforts, and to watch them grow and continue their studies”, CFN Executive Director Margaretta Andrews said.

2022 Scholarship recipients include:

Beck Barsanti, Chris Witte Memorial Scholarship

Stephanie Ryder, Emily Stover Memorial Scholarship

Kimla Francis, Gary and Glenn DaSilva Scholarship

Caiden Shea, Henry W. Fee, Jr. Scholarship

Emily Dussault, Jeanette T. Garneau Memorial Scholarship

Evan Belanger, June Bartlett Memorial Scholarship, Jaeger Family/NiSHA Scholarship

Garner Ray, June Bartlett Memorial Scholarship

Jackie McGrath, June Bartlett Memorial Scholarship

Jacob Santikulanont, Nantucket Culinary Arts Scholarship

Caroline Correia, Nantucket Looms Scholarship

Hector Benitez Landaverde, Magical Chicken Scholarship

Justin Bloise, Pat Martin Scholarship

Julia Friske, Jaeger Family/NiSHA Scholarship

Ava Mosscrop, Jaeger Family/NiSHA Scholarship

Anjali Dhar, Jack Pignato Memorial Scholarship

Abbigail Fowler, Sally Roberts Mentor Scholarship

Sara Gazaille, William H. Brown Scholarship

Sonia Dhar, William H. Brown Scholarship

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