Current Waters: Bluefish

Cape. Carl Bois •

We’re so lucky for the striper fishery that Nantucket has. It’s outstanding and should be well into August. The new striper regulations have been in effect for just over two weeks now. For those that want some table fare, there are enough slot-level fish to keep us going.. Hopefully this trend lasts. We’ve also seen plenty of larger and smaller fish that get to live to see another day.

Bluefishing is great right now. Decent sized bluefish are all around the island. Bluefish are caught throughout the water column but there is a lot of surface feeding right now. These fish are fun on the line, for sure.

Lots of people talk about bluefish not being so great to eat. I don’t think they get enough credit. The most important thing about eating bluefish is to eat it the same day that it’s caught, if possible. Do that and it can be delicious. My wife swears by tomato slices on the top – the acidity cutting through some of the oils. Others smother it in mayonnaise. But if you ever get the bluefish pâté at Gliddens, you know that it’s worth every penny. Why not try and make your own? If you are lucky enough to have access to a smoker, or better yet, a friend with a smoker, smoked bluefish is the way to go and can preserve your catch for future use.

Reminder about Saturday’s Father’s Day Fishing tournament. In case you missed Thursday’s registration, stop in at Tidal Creeks Outfitters at 32 Washington Street by the end of the day on Friday. Target species are Black Sea Bass, Scup, Summer Flounder / Fluke, Bluefish and the elusive Sea Robin. Good luck to all anglers on Saturday!

Another great tournament opportunity is the second annual Nantucket Hockey Foundation fishing tournament benefitting the Nantucket High School hockey program. The tournament runs from June 18th to the 25thfrom boat or beach. This inshore-only tournament is for multiple species and promises some great prizes. Individuals are $40 to enter and teams of three are $100. To find out more or to register, email

I’ve been seeing an increase in the number of kids fishing down at the docks. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a bunch of kids running down the docks with a rod and some tackle or bait. The hope and optimism is palpable. When I see kids riding their bikes with a rod in one hand, I’m seeing the next generation of Nantucketers keeping the tradition alive.

Father’s Day is this weekend and it’s a great time to get out on the water. The fishing is outstanding. The weather might be a little iffy, but the fishing is too good not to go. Boat, beach, dock, whatever “floats your boat.”

As you’ve heard me say before, it’s not always just about the fish. Fishing can be a time to connect with nature and the people around you. Take your dad or your kids fishing. If they’re captive on the boat they just may have to talk to you. If you’re surfcasting, bring a beer or your favorite beverage. Catch the sunset and make a memory.

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