Current Waters: Strawberry Moon

Capt. Carl Bois •

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Fish report: More and more bluefish have been entering our waters. There have even been some in the harbor. Now is a great time to cast a line for bluefish – a sure sign of summer.

There are also lots of really small bait in the harbor. For finicky bass, consider matching the size for your baits. Any local tackle shop will be able to help you there.

Striper fishing is continuing so strong. Just a reminder that with the new striper regulations, the fish has to be “28 inches to less than 31” and does not include 31 inchers. We’re still able to catch within that range so keepers are being caught.

Black sea bass has been a little slow the past couple of days. Maybe the easterly winds have stirred things up.

Weather for the weekend is predicted to be windy, so maybe today (Friday) after work or on your lunch break you try and get your fix in. Hopefully we actually get some rain out of this weather too! We sure could use it.

All through May we mentioned the Spring Sea Run Opener Tournament. The tournament ended May 31 and team “Go Bucktails” took home the win with a total of 101.75''. To see all the final results check out the final leaderboard. If you’re feeling inspired, mark it in your calendar to join the fun for next year’s tournament. The awards ceremony is later this weekend, so we don’t yet know the non-profit beneficiary, but it’s sure to be a worthy one!

The full moon in June is known as the Strawberry Moon. Our full moon is coming up on June 3. Some people swear by fishing during full moon when the tides are high. I think that June is good for many fish, especially with all the bait we’re seeing in the harbor. But if talking about the strawberry moon gives you an excuse to leave the house to go fishing, well then it’s as good an excuse as any.

Apparently “Strawberry Moon” was coined because it coincides with the strawberry harvest time. That’s true in my own garden. Really, it’s a celebration of the spring/early summer harvest. With bountiful stripers, black sea bass, and now bluefish, there is certainly a harvest to celebrate.

The horseshoe crabs sure have been liking the waxing moon lately. Reports are that recent surveys by the Nantucket Conservation Foundation and the Maria Mitchell Association have had hundreds of crabs at their survey spots. Lat year, I talked about these ancient crabs in more detail. But just know that you can go to any calm shoreline – think Madaket harbor, Monomoy or Polpis, and check out the piles of Horseshoe crabs that come to shore for breeding season. The crabs also brig in lots of bird life. Lots to look at and enjoy at the water’s edge.

Remember when you’re fishing to take a moment, pick your head up, and look around. It’s not just about the fish. Remember these moments and store them away for this coming winter when you really need them.

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