Does George Santos Really Own A Home On Nantucket?

Jason Graziadei •

Republican Congressman George Santos, who is embroiled in controversy over the apparent fabrication of much of his resume and the life story he told before his election in November to New York’s Third Congressional District, claims to be a Nantucket homeowner.

Santos’ friends recalled how he described “his family’s wealth and business success — even a home on Nantucket” according to the bombshell New York Times story published last month.

Could it be true? Or just another falsehood among many that have already been exposed?

While it’s more than likely another deception, it turns out that Santos’ claim is essentially impossible to verify.

A search of Massachusetts land records reveals that no one by the name of George Santos owns property on Nantucket. But that doesn’t account for the limited liability companies and trusts that are the owners of record for thousands of island properties. Many list only an attorney, and conceal the true name of the property owner.

Nantucket Current checked in with town assessor Rob Ranney to see if there was any way to verify Santos’ claim.

“Nothing appears to be listed in his name outright,” Ranney said. “But, that doesn’t mean it’s not owned under some obscure LLC if the claim is true, which given what else he’s been saying is highly questionable. Short of looking up every LLC, and there are probably thousands, and seeing if his name is attached to one - but even if not, an LLC might only list an attorney’s name - there is no conclusive, absolute way to confirm or deny.”

We have reached out to Santos' office for comment, but have not yet heard back.

Following Santos’ election in November and the subsequent New York Times story that called into question many aspects of his resume and background, the New York Congressman has been in the spotlight.

Since being sworn-in on Jan. 7th, four of Santos’ Republican colleagues in Congress have called for his resignation. Not only has Santos refused to step down, he told his colleague Rep. Matt Gaetz that he “has lived an honest life,” during an appearance on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” program.

Despite it all, new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is standing by the embattled Congressman.

Will we see Santos on Nantucket this summer?

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