Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped Behind Wall Of Hussey Street Home

Jason Graziadei and Peter Sutters •

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Scout the dog went missing on Hussey Street Sunday night.

The members of the Ness family, who were staying on the island for a few weeks, searched the downtown neighborhood for hours in vain until they returned to their rental and realized Scout wasn't just lost - he was stuck behind a wall inside their rental home.

The dog had fallen from the attic of the home down a 10 foot shaft and was unreachable.

The Ness family did the only thing they could think of: they called the Nantucket Fire Department. Members of NFD responded to Hussey Street just before 9 p.m., assessed the situation, and broke through some drywall to rescue Scout, a male border collie.

They reunited the dog - which was unarmed from the fall - with the grateful Ness family. All in a night’s work for NFD.

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