First Lady Jill Biden Visits Nantucket Firehouse

David Creed and Peter Sutters •

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First Lady Jill Biden was on the island over the weekend for a fundraising event, but she made sure to take some time out of her trip to visit the Nantucket Fire Department Friday evening and show her appreciation for their work and the recent battle against the Veranda House fire.

“We got a call the First Lady wanted to visit," Fire Prevention Officer Joe Townsend told the Current. "Especially after hearing about the (Veranda House) fire.”

The department was given about a 45-minute heads-up prior to her arrival.

“They couldn’t have been more gracious, especially the First Lady," Townsend said. "She brought two Stop and Shop bags filled with presidential ice cream. She was an absolute sweet heart, couldn’t have been more pleasant. Very thankful.”

Biden also made sure to pay her respect to fire captain Nate Barber, who was at the station when she arrived.

“Nate happens to be there and she heard about what he did this past weekend and was so appreciative of his action during the fire," Townsend said. "It was such a nice gesture for her to come by and show her appreciation”

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