Freezer Filled With Ice Cream Washes Up On South Shore

Nantucket Current •

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Just when you thought you had seen it all this summer on Nantucket, a freezer filled with ice cream treats mysteriously washes up on Madequecham Beach Thursday afternoon.
Lauren Raimy was at the beach with family on Thursday visiting Nantucket from Pennsylvania when she spotted the freezer in the surf.
“We were sitting on the beach and it was pretty foggy so you couldn’t see far out,” Raimy told the Current. “We saw a big box emerge from the fog and then it quickly floated to shore and was on the beach within 15 mins. There weren't a ton of people on the beach but a crowd of 5ish people came over to look. We weren’t sure what it was at first (we were hoping we weren’t going to find a dead body or something) but then we determined it was a fridge/freezer. Someone opened it up and it was full of the ice cream."

It is unclear at this time where this freezer came from, or how it was able to float its way to the beach.

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