Man Draws Bow And Arrow After Woman Groped At The Muse

Jason Graziadei •

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It was Halloween at The Muse when an unidentified male party inappropriately touched the leg of a woman inside the bar on Surfside Road. A dispute erupted and eventually spilled out into the parking lot where one man retrieved a bow and arrow from his vehicle. He pointed it at the unidentified groper, who then fled the scene.

The bizarre episode was documented in a Nantucket Police Department reported obtained by the Current through a Freedom of Information Request.

Police officers responded to The Muse around 12:40 a.m. on Oct. 31 for the report of a verbal altercation. When they arrived, the officers met with the security team at The Muse in the parking lot. While the names of the involved parties were redacted from the report, one of the people interviewed by police said that after the woman’s leg was touched “(name redacted) got upset and started causing a scene inside of the bar. (name redacted) was asked to leave the bar multiple times by Muse staff but refused to leave.”

Eventually the dispute spilled out into the parking lot, when the bow and arrow were retrieved from a vehicle.

“(name redacted) denied going to his vehicle and retrieving the bow and arrow. It should be noted when officers arrived on scene, the vehicle’s trunk was open and there were arrows on the ground behind the vehicle,” according to the report written by officer Farrell Duce.

Police ended up seizing the bow, along with two BB guns from the man’s vehicle, while officers were unable to track down the unidentified groper who had fled the scene.

The female victim “stated she did not want anything to happen with the unidentified male party touching her. She just wanted to go home for the night,” according to the report. "All involved parties left the area without incident. Nothing further.”

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