Mid-Island Stop & Shop Begins Major Interior Remodeling

Jason Graziadei •

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Where’s the beef?

You might find yourself asking that question - along with the location of other products - at the mid-island Stop & Shop over the next two months as the store undergoes a significant interior remodeling.

Every aisle except one will be changing in some way, store manager Ted Miller said, and employees will be working hard to help customers find what they need as things shuffle around.

“The biggest thing we’re doing is trying to refresh everything and get the store more modern and up to date,” Miller said. “We’ll be able to increase our variety, and that’s one thing we’ve gotten feedback on as a company from customers. There will be a lot of new cases with more holding power, and so we’ll have a lot more perishables.”

The Stop & Shop will remain open throughout the 10-week project, as most of the work will be done at night time while the store is closed. The renovation will include taller refrigerated cases, expanded areas for the deli, bakery, and prepared foods, along with the incorporation of the “natural food” products throughout the store, rather than just in two aisles.

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Miller said all of the same products currently on the shelves will be available during the project, but they just may be in different places.

While the Nantucket Coffee Roasters kiosk will remain, the cafe area with seating and the salad bar will not be returning. The seating area and salad bar were eliminated during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Miller said there were several factors - including the need for more space and customers’ desire to have salads prepared in a controlled environment - in reaching those decisions.

Much of the produce will be put in refrigerated cases with doors - similar to the cases for dairy products - in a move to both lengthen their shelf life and improve the energy efficiency of the store.

Miller said the store will be updating its directors of product locations twice per day. The hope is to have a grand “reopening” by early spring.

“We just ask our everyone to please bear with us,” Miller said. “The end result will be great and great for the customer.”

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