Missing Island Resident Found By Police

David Creed •

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Colin Leddy, the 62-year old man reported missing late Friday afternoon, was located by the Nantucket Police Department Saturday morning after a search that went on for over 24 hours, police lieutenant Angus MacVicar confirmed.

MacVicar told the Current early Saturday morning that they received an unofficial report Friday morning that Leddy was missing. After an extensive search and gathering of information by officer Jerry Mack, it was determined Leddy had not been seen since February 13th. The police received an official report of Leddy missing Friday at approximately 4:30 p.m.

"The difference there being is that now he's entered into a system, which tracks missing people, which is a computer program that goes statewide," MacVicar said prior to Leddy being found. "That entry was made once it was officially reported. We spent a majority of the night shift from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. checking the same spots that officer Mack had checked, as well as other spots that he's been known to frequent and/or maybe not frequent - essentially an exhaustive search that resulted in us being unable to locate him."

Following a tip provided to the Nantucket Police, Leddy was found at the Jared Coffin House, evaluated, and deemed to be in good condition and spirits later that morning.

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