Nantaco Opens Its Doors Downtown Following Ceremony

David Creed •

Photo Jun 30 3 08 14 PM

Nantaco officially opened its doors Thursday afternoon just after 3 p.m. following a ribbon cutting ceremony, giving downtown Nantucket a Mexican food option just as summer arrives.

Nantaco will be open seven days per week, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The taqueria will stay open all the way until 2 a.m. Their hours for the Fourth of July weekend will be 5-10 p.m., with in-person orders available only.

Owner Lee Milazzo told the Current in February he felt like downtown Nantucket could benefit from having a place like Nantaco.

“I feel there is a need for a place like this downtown,” he said. “As a business owner, whenever I go out to get lunch, there’s limited options for things that are good, fast, and not terribly expensive. There’s a number of amazing places to eat, but sometimes I don’t have an hour to sit down for lunch.”

Below are some photos from the ceremony and the menu.

Photo Jun30 30931 PM
Photo Jun30 22604 PM
Photo Jun30 30820 PM
Photo Jun30 30743 PM
Photo Jun30 23613 PM
Photo Jun30 23713 PM
Photo Jun30 30816 PM
Photo Jun30 23731 PM
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