Nantucket Cottage Hospital Announces Annual Leadership Awards

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Each year at its annual meeting, Nantucket Cottage Hospital recognizes members of the community who have made a particular impact on the hospital or the health of the community in general. This year's NCH Leadership Awards were presented on Wednesday, Aug. 24th at The Nantucket Hotel. Below are this year's award winners and the comments from the Nantucket Cottage Hospital team to the recipients at the meeting.

The Sandy Craig Leadership Award

Steve Murphy

Fire Chief Stephen Murphy will retire next month after a 35-year career as a fire fighter and EMT – the last five as Chief. In his time as chief, Steve has made a major impact on the health and safety of the community by adding Advance Life Support capabilities to Nantucket’s EMT program. Of course, most recently we all saw first-hand how well prepared Chief Murphy’s team was when they miraculously contained the Veranda House fire.

Steve Karp

If every there were a lifetime achievement award for leadership at the hospital, Steve would certainly qualify. Over the last decade Steve led the planning, permitting and construction of the new hospital building. He also helped with raising the funds for it. As the chair of the hospital real estate committee Steve has not only volunteered his own time and expertise but he has also volunteered the expertise of his company, New England Development. Most recently Steve has participated as a member of the new President Search Committee.

Myrt Eldridge Volunteer of the Year Award

Jeanine Borthwick

Jeanine is being recognized for developing the ACKS of Love Hospital Employee appreciation program. During the winter of 2021/22, just when our employees needed it most, Jeanine put together a month-long program to boost the morale of hospital employees. Along with a team of volunteers she pulled together, Jeanine arranged for more than 15 local business to provide hospital employees with free and discounted services on food, shopping and activities. The program was completely funded by Jeanine and the other volunteers so local business owners coming out of the very difficult COVID years benefitted as well. The program was turn-key and cost-free to the hospital, and the staff loved it.

Phil Murray Business Award

Hy-Line Cruises

Hy-Line Cruises transported over 50,000 COVID-19 tests to Hyannis during 2020 and 2021 at no cost to NCH. They provided excellent communication, often calling with updates on potential ferry cancellations and ensuring our on-time delivery to the Broad Institute. Thank you to Hy Line Cruises for being a terrific partner in public health.

Bruce A. Percelay Award for Philanthropy

Kim and Alan Hartman

The Hartmans Co-Chaired the NCH Annual Fund in 2021 and continue their role in 2022. With Pops cancelled, 2021 was a critical year for the annual fund to support the finances of the hospital. Kim and Alan’s energy, creativity and insights helped drive the annual fund to record levels in 2021 and it has sustained that pace in 2022.

Seinfeld/Hartmann Prize for Compassionate Care

Bonnie Fitz-Gibbon

The Seinfeld/Hartmann Prize for Compassionate Care is an endowed prize with a cash gift that is given each year to a caregiver chosen from a list of nominees submitted by the public. There will be a presentation the award when the recipient is back from vacation. We are happy to announce here that the recipient this year is Bonnie Fitz-Gibbon the Palliative Care Counselor at PASCON. Here is just a small bit from Bonnie’s lengthy nomination:

“I have NEVER met someone with all the skills that Bonnie has displayed in helping others. It is a rare person that can do this. In this world that we live I today, there has been so much Loss. Bonnie and what she represents, signals to me that there is hope for the future and hope that we can help each other and have well being.”

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