NFD Battles Brush Fire In Tom Nevers Monday Night

David Creed •

IMG 6547

A swift response by the Nantucket Fire Department Monday evening to 5 and 7 Surrey Avenue in Tom Nevers led to the containment of a brush fire between the two properties. All NFD personnel were called to station. Two engines and an ambulance were on scene.

NFD Fire chief Michael Cranson and Deputy Chief Sean Mitchell were on the scene, along with Captain Kevin Ramos.

"These guys did a good job of knocking it down pretty quickly," Cranson said. "The lady at 7 Surrey came home and discovered it in her rearview mirror. We aren’t sure what started it but it didn’t get to any of the properties. We did have to knock down a chicken wire fence to get through. Other than that, we are just soaking it down and soaking it good. The wind is blowing pretty good right now, which was a concern, and today was a high fire danger day - but it was knocked down quickly."

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