Photo Gallery: NHS Hosts Annual Special Olympics

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Photo by Kit Noble

The Nantucket High School hosted another successful Special Olympics at Vito Capizzo Stadium Wednesday morning with over 40 kids participating in the games which ranged from bowling to parachute games to unique relay races.

“It has been awesome,” Natalie Thompson, who oversees the event, said. “Every kid has a smile on their face and that is what it is about at the end of the day. You can’t not smile about what is going on out here. The (Nantucket Police) and (Nantucket Fire) are huge supporters of special Olympics, as are police and fire nationwide – so it is awesome because they are the ones who help me buy all of my t-shirts for these kids and then they come out and hand out medals to all of the kids. It is great for all of these kids to have that experience where that cool person in the uniform is giving them a medal. It is just fun. So many parents, so many kids showed up. The weather couldn’t have been better.”

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Photo by Kit Noble

Over two dozen Nantucket students volunteered to run the event. Thompson said they students from her PE Pals class and from the school’s best buddies’ group.

“If you look at the field, they are the ones running the stations,” Thompson said. “I tell them ‘This is what we need’ and they rise to the occasion. This is who they are and that is why this is such an amazing group.”

Senior Sean Murphy volunteered this year and said he was happy to see all of the kids having a good time. He said he appreciated seeing all of his fellow classmates come down to the field to welcome the kids as they walked onto the field and then sticking around to pack the stands to give the participants an audience.

“When it comes to the best events of the year, this is up there with the Island Cup for sure,” Murphy said. “I think this event is great I mean, just looking to my left there are so many students in the crowd cheering all of these kids on. It is great to see, and I feel like everyone is just having a great time. The vibes are high, we got music going, and it is a beautiful day. You can’t complain.”

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Photo by Kit Noble

Senior Karson Wellington considers himself a veteran volunteer for this event. Last year he was the only male student to volunteer but was happy to see that change this year with several stepping forward to help out with the games.

“I think this event is just really exciting for these kids,” Wellington said. “I love it just because of the energy. It is a good day, and it just brings everyone together. We run the sections and make the sections. It is a blast.”

Senior Stephany Zavala has developed close relationships with a number of these kids throughout her high school career. She said she is sad to know this will be the last time she is able to volunteer for the event but said she is thankful for the role it plays in bringing students together.

“This is the best. You get to work with so many kids and get to know more of them. It is so much fun because you get to play with any kid from any school,” Zavala said. “I think they should keep doing this because it is the best thing you could ever do with the little ones. You see the little kids coming from the schools to cheer them on, high school students too. I’m really sad this is my last year doing this because this is the best thing you could ever ask for to do with kids. Mrs. Thompson is the best. She is just able to tell us what to do or what we need to do. She worked hard to get us shirts to tie-dye.”

Maddie Lombardi, a sophomore, said she also appreciates the event for its ability to get these kids out on the field in front of so many kids and family members to create a special moment for them.

“I think it is really good because it is just a great opportunity for everyone to get out and have fun,” Lombardi said. “Then it is good for everyone who volunteers to have fun with everyone and help all of these kids have a great experience. This is definitely a special day for them.”

Below are some photos taken throughout the morning by Kit Noble.

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Photo by Kit Noble
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