On Island Chefs Making Use Of Lola Burger Property

David Creed •

The Lola Burger property at the Milestone Rotary has been vacant this summer after it was sold by former restaurant owner Marco Coelho, but the spot will be cooking again with Nantucket’s On Island Chefs moving onto the property to utilize the kitchen space.

On Island Chef’s owner Michael Caffrey told the Current that they will be providing a private chef service and boutique catering, but will not be doing anything related to retail this year.

The business will be seasonal and Caffrey said he has had clients request and suggest they serve prepared foods to be picked up such as salads, entrees, and entire dinners.

“We are exploring options,” he said.

On Island Chef’s originally had a spot downtown, but Caffrey said he “found that $600 in parking tickets were a deal breaker," which prompted the move.

Millie’s Restaurant announced this week that their taco truck would post up in the parking lot where Lola Burger once operated every day this summer from 5-7:30 p.m.

The 1 Sparks Avenue property was purchased by ACK AMA Realty Ventures LLC on May 25 for $2.7 million. The property is .22 acres.

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