Photo Gallery: 2023 ShamRock Run

David Creed •

IMG 6163

The 11th annual Nantucket ShamRock Run took place on Saturday. The run is a fundraiser for the Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals (NiSHA).

It began with the two Little Leprechaun Leaps. The first was children 18-months to 4 years old while the second was children from 5-12 years old. Each group ran a short distance along Bartlett Road.

Just after 11 a.m., the ShamRock Run took place along a roughly four mile course.

There were 101 runners who took part in the race, with Jim Congdon (55) placing first amongst men with a time of 25:45. Lisa Wisentaner (45) placed first amongst women in the race and fourth overall with a time of 30:23. You can see the full results by clicking here.

Below are some photos from the day.

IMG 6101
IMG 6158
IMG 6159
IMG 6163
IMG 6191
IMG 6222
IMG 6234
IMG 6248
IMG 6253
IMG 6275
IMG 6265
IMG 6279
IMG 6300
IMG 6302
IMG 6330
IMG 6445
IMG 6475
IMG 6488
IMG 6506
IMG 6514
IMG 6529
IMG 6568
IMG 6579
IMG 6624
IMG 6651
IMG 6696
IMG 6716
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