Photo Gallery: Airport Disaster Drill

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Airport Disaster Drill 2024
Photo by David Creed

Nantucket Memorial Airport, along with the Nantucket Fire Department, the Nantucket Police Department, and Nantucket Cottage Hospital, conducted a so-called "Triennial Full-Scale Emergency Exercise" on Wednesday.

The multi-agency drill simulates a live aircraft accident and tests the response of emergency personnel at both the airport and the hospital. This drill is a requirement of the FAA and is conducted every three years.

Nantucket High School students participated as actors playing victims of the crash with makeup to simulate injuries.

"The objective of the exercise is to give the airport, mutual aid partners, and emergency responders the opportunity to safely train for real aircraft emergencies in a controlled environment," the airport stated in its announcement.

Below are some photos taken by David Creed during the drill.

IMG 4641
IMG 2091
IMG 4692
IMG 4657
IMG 4734 2
IMG 4686
IMG 4643
IMG 4662
IMG 4664
IMG 4670
IMG 4673
IMG 4676
IMG 4679
IMG 4694
IMG 4701
IMG 4703
IMG 4712
IMG 4717
IMG 4737
IMG 4741
IMG 4746
IMG 4748
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