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The 48th Annual Christmas Stroll on Nantucket was in full swing on Saturday as people packed Main Street on a warm, windy day. The conditions were excellent into the early afternoon before rain showers made their way to the island, forcing the arrival of Santa to be pushed up closer to 1 p.m.

Aside from people showing up in festive costumes to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season, others made their way downtown in casual attire to take in the scene of what appeared to be a more normal Christmas Stroll Weekend than the island has seen in recent years due to the COVID pandemic.

Some people grabbed a coffee and walked in and out of stores doing some Christmas shopping, some made their way to the top of Main Street to take in Christmas Carols, and others made their way into downtown bars and restaurants to watch the USA Men's Soccer Team in their Round of 16 matchup against the Netherlands.

The Current took some photos throughout the day, including some of the best Stroll outfits, and have included them in a gallery above.

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