Photo Gallery: Lifesavers Recognition Day Ceremony

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2023 Lifesaver's Ceremony
The 2023 Lifesaver's Recognition Day Award Recipients. Photo by David Creed

The Egan Maritime Institute and Nantucket Cottage Hospital honored the 2023 recipients of the annual Lifesavers Recognition Day awards Monday evening at the Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum.

Lifesavers Recognition Day is celebrated each year on Sept. 11 to honor Nantucket's history of heroic lifesaving efforts by everyday citizens and others. The island's "modern-day lifesavers" are presented with the Maurice E. Gibbs Commendation Award during this annual ceremony.

This year's recipients included:

  • Dr. Faith Frable
  • David Tearse, Nantucket Lifeguard
  • Austin Pronovost, Nantucket Lifeguard
  • Anthony Bellabona, Nantucket Lifeguard
  • Capt. Frank Hanlon
  • FF David Angelastro
  • FF Corey Ray
  • FF Raymond McClure
  • Dispatcher Era Kever
  • Wynter Larrabee
  • USCG Station Brant Point, represented by MCCM Lance Wiser
  • Nantucket Harbormaster’s Office & Lifeguards, represented by Shelia Lucey
  • Nantucket Police Department, represented by Chief Bill Pittman

Nantucket's State Representative Dylan Fernandes was in attendance for the ceremony and briefly spoke. He said he loves attending the ceremony each year and thanks the recipients for looking out for their fellow community members and saving lives.

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2023 Lifesaver's Ceremony
The 2023 Lifesaver's Recognition Day Award Recipients. Photo by David Creed
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Below is a synopsis of the events that led to nominations of those honored as shared by the Egan Maritime Institute, as well as some photos taken during the ceremony.

Dr. Faith Frable received the Maurice E. Gibbs Commendation Award. Earlier this summer, Frable was driving home on Polpis Road with one of her children in the car when she encountered a man who fell off his bicycle, likely due to a medical event. She quickly started CPR and called 911.If it weren't for Dr. Frable's rapid response and heroic measures, this incident could have had a different outcome.

Nantucket Lifeguards: David Tearse, Austin Pronovost, and Anthony Bellabona, as well as Capt. Frank Hanlon, FF David Angelastro, FF Corey Ray, and FF Raymond McClure all received the Maurice E. Gibbs Commendation Award for rescuing a 1-year-old girl at Surfside Beach. A 1-year-old girl underwent anaphylactic shock due to an unknown cashew allergy on Thursday, August 3rd,while at Surfside Beach with her family. Once her mother noticed her face and lips were swollen, she went to the lifeguards for help. They immediately started to calmly walk her up to the parking lot and called an ambulance. “Because of the lifeguards’ quick action as well as the help of the EMTs, our daughter was able to get the treatment she needed for this unfortunate reaction that could have been fatal. We are incredibly grateful to the lifeguards and EMTS for helping save our daughter; we are also so thankful for their calm presence and ability to help manage all our fears, including helping calm and reassure our two older children who were with us” shares, Erin Washburn.

Maurice E. Gibbs Commendation awards were also presented to Wynter Larrabee and Era Kever for their lifesaving actions on Monday, September 5th. Wynter, a 14-year-old surfer, was at Cisco Beach with his family when he noticed a man struggling in the water. He bravely entered the surf, and with the help of his father, Rich brought the unresponsive man to shore. Era Kever was also at Cisco, she rushed to the group and immediately started administering CPR and chest compressions. According to Harbor Master Shelia Lucey, “This was the largest and most on-water significant rescue of the season.”

Finally, Egan and NCH formally recognized USCG Station Brant Point, Nantucket Harbormaster’s Office and Lifeguards, and the Nantucket Police Department for their valiant efforts and heroic teamwork while searching for a missing fisherman who went overboard south of Nantucket on Saturday, August 13th. Nantucket’s first responders worked well into the night and throughout the day on Sunday, August 14th, to locate a lost fisherman. While the active search was suspended after 24 hours, Nantucket’s crews went above and beyond the call of duty during Nantucket’s busiest weekend.

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