Photo Gallery: Savage Cold Snap Brings Sea Smoke To Island

Kit Noble •

  • DSC05278 1920w
  • DSC05339 1920w
  • DSC05218 1920w
  • DSC05444 1920w
  • DSC05244 1920w
  • DSC05449 1920w
  • DSC05192 1920w
  • DSC05430 1920w
  • DSC05195 1920w
  • DSC05449copy 1920w
  • DSC05269 1920w
  • DSC05389 1920w
  • DSC05307 1920w
  • DSC05332 1920w
  • DSC05251 1920w
  • DSC05389 df934dbe 1920w
  • DSC05238 1920w
  • DSC05351 1920w
  • DSC05234 1920w
  • DSC05416 1920w
  • DSC05208 1920w
  • DSC05296 1920w
  • DSC05327 1920w
  • DSC05202 1920w

A savage cold snap hit the island on Friday and Saturday morning, bringing scenes of breathtaking beauty around the island as the sub-zero temperatures brought ice and even some sea smoke to Nantucket waters. Nantucket Current photographer at-large Kit Noble captured these incredible images. Sea smoke, which is defined as a fog produced when below-freezing air lies over a warm sea surface, was spotted both in the harbor and off the south shore.

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