Photo Gallery: Island Community Gathers To View Solar Eclipse

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IMG 4318
Photo by David Creed

ECLIPSE PARTY! More than 1,400 people gathered at the Nantucket High School baseball diamond Monday afternoon to watch the Great North American Eclipse.

Hosted by The Maria Mitchell Association in collaboration with the Nantucket Public Schools, Nantucket Community School, and Nantucket Boys & Girls Club, the gathering was the largest by far on the island. All public school students received safe eclipse viewing glasses as they were dismissed at the end of the day, and the organizers provided another 300 pairs to those who showed up at the field. Island residents were treated to an 87 percent partial solar eclipse, as Nantucket was close, but not inside the path of totality.

Below are some photos taken by David Creed.

IMG 4333
IMG 4346
IMG 4348
IMG 4354 2
IMG 4356
IMG 4357
IMG 4363
IMG 4385
IMG 4390 2
IMG 4399
IMG 4406
IMG 4409
IMG 4435
IMG 4444
IMG 4463
IMG 4483
IMG 4485
IMG 4566
IMG 4571
IMG 4573
IMG 4575
IMG 4578
IMG 4589
IMG 4594
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