Photo Gallery: Veranda House Fire

Kit Noble •

  • DSC02125 7471fe50 1920w
  • DSC02137 1920w
  • DSC02171 1920w
  • DSC02121 1920w
  • DJI 0077 1920w
  • DSC02117 1920w
  • DSC02127 1920w
  • DSC02142 1920w
  • DJI 0099 1920w
  • DSC02175 1920w
  • DSC02146 1920w
  • DSC02150 1920w
  • DSC02168 1920w
  • DSC02185 1920w
  • DSC02203 1920w
  • DSC02204 1920w
  • DSC02211 1920w
  • DSC02237 1920w

Nantucket Magazine Photographer Kit Noble captured these photos during Saturday's Veranda House fire, which forced the Nantucket Fire Department into a day-long fire fight that required reinforcements from several Cape Cod fire departments.

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