Public Safety Agencies Launch "Isle Return Program" For People Who Wander Due To Cognitive Conditions

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Hazlegrove 2024
Nantucket Harbor. Photo by Cary Hazlegrove |

Nantucket's public safety agencies on Thursday announced "The Isle Return Program" to assist families with loved ones prone to wandering away from their residences due to conditions like Alzheimer's or autism.

"Caring for someone who wanders is a considerable responsibility and nothing could be more frightening than the thought of a loved one becoming lost," the Nantucket Police Department stated in its announcement of the program. "The Isle Return Program helps Nantucket’s public safety agencies manage the challenge of searching for and rescuing people who may wander. The program is geared toward ensuring a safe return for missing or disabled residents and visitors of all ages."

Caregivers now have the option of enrolling a loved one in the program to give them "an added layer of protection."

Enrolling individuals can be done online at this link.

Anyone with questions about the program is encouraged to reach out to the following individuals:

  • Sergeant Jackie Hollis, Nantucket Police Department,
  • Acting Deputy Chief Kevin Ramos, Nantucket Fire Department,
  • Brenda Garnett, Nantucket Sheriff Department,
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