Seven Island Restaurants Granted Sidewalk Dining Permits

Jason Graziadei •

Sidewalk dining at The Rose & Crown

Seven downtown Nantucket restaurants were granted sidewalk dining permits by the Select Board on Wednesday, carrying forward a practice that began amid the pandemic.

The establishments include: The Rose & Crown; B-ACK Yard BBQ; NanTaco; Ethos Nantucket; The Beet; Lemon Press; and the Club Car.

Each restaurant has slightly different allowances for tables and service given their particular circumstances, including the size of the public sidewalk where they will be operating and the flow of traffic in that area.

All seven permits were issued based on applications for “alteration of premises and sidewalk seating” from the establishments, a process that had been implemented in anticipation of the expiration of the state’s pandemic laws that allowed restaurants to set up on sidewalks and roads. The town advised restaurants that had done so in the past that they must now apply for a permanent alteration to their liquor licenses and execute a license agreement with the town for use of the public space on an annual basis. Town licensing administrator Amy Baxter said the pandemic laws had been scheduled to expire on April 1, but at the last minute, the state extended the laws through April 2024.

Regardless, the public hearings moved forward on Wednesday to amend the restaurant’s licenses to include the alteration of premises. Here are the details on the individual establishments:

  • Ethos Nantucket (formerly Afterhouse), 18 Broad Street, 4 tables; 16 seats
  • Rose & Crown, 23 South Water Street, 6 tables; 20 seats
  • Nantaco, 21 South Water Street, 3 tables; 12 seats, (liquor Service ends at 8:00 pm. Take-out only after 8pm.)
  • The Beet, 9 South Water Street, 4 tables, 8 seats
  • The Club Car, 1 Main Street, 5 tables; 10 seats
  • Lemon Press, 41 Main Street, 5 tables; 20 seats (Limited to dinner service only beginning at 5 p.m.)

Other restaurants are anticipated to be coming in with similar requests, including Dune, which had to reschedule its hearing.

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