"I Didn't Want To Be A Deer Killer" - Truck Careens Off Milestone Road

David Creed •

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Members of the Nantucket Fire and Police Departments responded to the area of Milestone Road just past Tom Nevers to investigate a reported single-car accident.

Upon arrival, heavy rescue was requested to respond to the scene with the silver truck deeply entrenched in the woods.

The driver of the truck was okay and in surprisingly good spirits as he walked around the scene. He told the Current that he swerved off the road in an attempt to avoid a deer because he “didn’t want to be a deer killer.” He added that when he explained the situation to police, they advised him that next time he would be best off hitting the deer rather than swerving off the road.

Public safety personnel spent a considerable amount of time carrying out car parts from the woods. One police officer was seen rolling a wheel out as well.

Eventually enough brush was cleared for Nantucket Auto Body to begin the process of towing away the truck. For the entirety of the process, Milestone Road was completely blocked off to traffic from both directions - creating a large amount of traffic congestion.

The truck suffered significant damage and is a total loss, which was clear once the tow truck was able to pull it out of the woods.

The scene was cleaned further by NFD and NPD. The truck has been towed away, the area has now been cleared, and traffic is back to normal.

Video from the scene can be seen here.

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