Skyler Wright Debuts New Single “God Complex”

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Skyler Wright
Photo by David Zaugh

Skyler Wright, who moved to Nantucket at a very young age and spent most of her childhood on the island, released a single called “God Complex” last week – further adding to her resume that already consisted of several accolades in the world of acting, notably her role as Chloe in the hit Showtime series Dexter: New Blood.

“I’ve been writing music since I was 15 years old and I have always felt like the music I’ve written has been very therapeutic,” Wright said. “I feel like I’m finally at a place where I’m my most authentic self and it was important to me to write music that felt authentic to me.”

Wright considers the song to be a “girl rock ballad” and its intent is to explore the fragility of ego.

“I feel like the song is basically about how you can’t really control the world around you – no matter how hard you try,” she said. “That’s why you have to put on your ‘God Complex’ and really take your life into your own hands.”

Wright had lots of help crafting the song from one of her longtime friends, Monica Duggan. Wright moved to Duxbury, Massachusetts when she was 14 years old and met Duggan while attending Duxbury High School. They have been close friends ever since, and both now reside in Los Angeles, California.

“Monica has such a poetic mind. We have become so close. It is very cool that my debut single as an artist has her as a co-writer because she is family to me,” Wright said. “We kept writing these really broad ideas and it was important to write something that everyone could relate to. It was important to us to write a sing that wasn’t about anyone else or towards anyone else. The whole thing takes place in your own point of view. It isn’t talking about anyone else. It isn’t talking about a relationships, love, or partying which I feel like so much music is about nowadays. I don’t think there is enough music that represents yourself anymore.”

Wright said she is working on more music and expects to have another single out by the end of the year. She added that there will also be a four song EP (extended play).

The song is available on all platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon Music. To download it on your preferred music service, click here. You can watch the music video here.

“This whole project just feels very full circle to me,” Wright said. “It was very fulfilling to me and I’m so thrilled people are enjoying it because I enjoy it so much. I have a very special group of people who helped me with this song.”

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