NFD Responds To Stove Fire At Pocomo Residence

David Creed •

Pocomo Fire
Photo by David Creed

The Nantucket Fire Department responded to a residence on Pocomo Road Sunday evening for a reported fire.

A few minutes after the initial dispatch, a homeowner confirmed to dispatch that there was a stove fire. They were told to evacuate the home as NFD rushed to the scene.

Multiple engines and an ambulance were on scene. All personnel was called to the station. Upon arrival, NFD quickly began combating the fire and learned that it had spread inside of the wall. Firefighters cut into the wall and were eventually able to knock it down. There was some damage, some of which was seen being carried out of the home.

No one was injured but over radio communications the NFD was attempting to ventilate the home. The gas company was also on scene.

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