Superyachts Fill Nantucket Waters At Summer's End

Jason Graziadei •

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The season is winding down on Nantucket, but the superyachts are still roaming the island’s waters.

At the end of Straight Wharf currently is the 190-foot superyacht Unbridled. The American-built yacht was recently sold for $25 million by William Wrigley, the heir to the Wrigley's chewing gum fortune. Unbridled can accommodate up to 16 guests in six suites, and is now available to charter for $300,000 per week, plus expenses, through IYC.

Down the row of vessels at the end of Straight Wharf is another massive superyacht: Annastar.

The 163-foot Annastar is another American-built yacht, and is owned by Stanley Star, the co-founder of Cliffstar, a juice manufacturer that was sold in 2010 for $500 million. The $40 million superyacht Annastar was completed in 2012, and can accommodate 12 guests and 12 crew members. It’s annual running costs are $2 million to $4 million.

Another giant that recently appeared in Nantucket waters but has since left was the 208-foot superyacht Moca, which was moored outside the harbor.

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