Social Media Threats Puts Nantucket Youth Camps In Lockdown

Jason Graziadei •

A threat to an island school posted on social media put Nantucket youth camps into a brief lockdown Tuesday morning.

The Nantucket Police Department said in a statement that it had been contacted by the FBI at 9:25 a.m. on Tuesday regarding a threat to a school that was posted on a social media account that belonged to someone on the island.

"As a result of receiving this information, officers were directed to the many active school, camps and programs to make them aware of the situation," the department said in a press release. "While this was occurring, officers were able to identify and locate the owner of the account and two other persons involved. It was determined that there was no immediate threat after speaking with those involved and all school, camps and programs were immediately made aware. The three involved individuals are all juveniles and their names and address will not be released at this time."

Lt. Angus MacVicar said it was not yet clear if the individuals will face any charges, and the investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

Camps across the island - including those at the public schools, the Boys & Girls Club, and Strong Wings on Nobadeer Farm Road, among others - all went into lockdown around 10 a.m. after being contacted by the Nantucket Police Department. 

Nantucket Public Schools superintendent Beth Hallett told the Current: “NPD shared there was a threat to an island preschool and asked our schools to go into lock-out. The lock-out was lifted approximately 30 minutes later. All of our children were safe and a message was shared with parents and caregivers.”

The Boys and Girls Club shared a similar message: “This morning around approximately 10am the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club was advised by Nantucket Police Department to go on lockdown. The club immediately moved all children indoors and followed lockdown protocol. At approximately 10:20am, the Club received a call from the Nantucket Police Department that the Club could exit the lockdown and resume normal club activities.”

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