Town Revokes Surfside Crossing Building Permits After Court Ruling

Jason Graziadei •

Surfside crossing aerial clearing
The Surfside Crossing construction site, shown in August 2023 after it was clear cut in preparation for the development. Photo by Kit Noble

In the wake of last week’s ruling by a Nantucket Superior Court judge to overturn the state’s approval of the controversial Surfside Crossing development, the town moved to revoke the building permits that had been issued for the project.

Following a meeting last Thursday between Surfside Crossing developer Jamie Feeley and the town’s Planning & Land Use Services staff, a formal letter revoking the permits was hand-delivered to Feeley.

“The project approval has been vacated by the Superior Court rendering the site in violation of the Zoning Code of the Town of Nantucket,” Building Commissioner Paul Murphy wrote to Surfside Crossing’s developers. “Any and all work associated with the previously approved Housing Appeals Court decision and the locally issued Comprehensive Permit shall ease immediately.”

Surfside Crossing co-developer Josh Posner told the Current that he and Feeley are still evaluating whether they will appeal Judge Mark Gildea’s ruling.

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