Voters Approve Some Override Spending, While Other Projects Rejected

Jason Graziadei •

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Photo by John Galla

Voters endorsed a series of overriding spending proposals on the ballot during Tuesday's annual town election but also rejected other projects the town had put forward for funding.

A total of nine ballot questions were decided by the 2,324 voters who turned out to the polls, with five earning approval, and four turned down. Several had already been rejected two weeks ago at the 2024 Annual Town Meeting.

The spending proposals that were approved by voters on Tuesday include:

  • A $2 million debt exclusion override to fund Newtown Road improvements, including accessible sidewalks
  • A $2 million debt exclusion override for debris removal at Tom Nevers Park, along with erosion control, and dune restoration initiatives at the town-owned property.
  • A $5 million debt exclusion override for the expansion of a landfill cell that is nearing capacity.
  • A $1.9 million debt exclusion override to fund the reconstruction of the Jetties Beach tennis courts.
  • A $4.3 million capital outlay debt exclusion override for town department vehicles and fire engines, and Tom Nevers playground reconstruction, and other capital projects.

The spending proposals that were rejected by voters on Tuesday include:

  • $3 million debt exclusion override for town employee housing feasibility/design costs for Waitt Drive rental housing project.
  • A $6 million acquisition of the Surfside Lifesaving Station at 31 Western Avenue to convert it into seasonal lifeguard housing and year-round housing for other town employees. It was previously defeated at Town Meeting on May 8th.
  • A $1.2 million debt exclusion override for the design costs related to the proposed new and relocated DPW facility on Shadbush Road. This had previously been rejected by Town Meeting voters on May 7th.
  • A $5 million "public safety auxiliary building" for Nantucket Police Department and Nantucket Fire Department vehicles and equipment

Ballot question votes: 

Question 1: town employee housing feasibility 

  • Yes, 1,052
  • No, 1,159

Question 2: Surfside Lifesaving Station acquisition

  • Yes: 736
  • No: 1,435

Question 3: New DPW facility design

  • Yes: 1,066
  • No; 1,129

Question 4: Newtown Road improvements

  • Yes: 1,108
  • No: 1,061

Question 5: Tom Nevers debris removal

  • Yes: 1,346
  • No: 855

Question 6: Expansion of landfill cell

  • Yes: 1,428
  • No:761

Question 7: Jetties Beach tennis courts reconstruction

  • Yes: 1,290
  • No: 914

Question 8: Public safety auxiliary building

  • Yes: 967
  • No: 1,214

Question 9, Capital outlay, town vehicles, etc. 

  • Yes: 1,321
  • No: 851

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