WATCH: Shark Predation On Seal Recorded Sunday At Great Point

Jason Graziadei •

A shark on seal predation at Great Point on Sunday was recorded from the beach by Sandy Fink who was visiting Nantucket from Orlando with her boyfriend Ron Welter.

Fink told the Current she was about a half mile south of Great Point Lighthouse near The Galls when she spotted the shark preying on a seal in the water close to shore.

“He was fishing along the shore and I was videotaping the seals and I was like ‘Is that blood? Wait! That is a shark and he is eating the seal,” Fink told the Current. "Then I ran to show Ron the video and he was like 'I was just about to go in real quick to cool off' and I said 'No'!"

According to Diane Lang, of the Trustees of Reservations, there were multiple, separate reports of sharks attacking seals along the eastern shoreline of the island on Sunday. The Trustees, the organization that owns the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge where the attack happened, responded by prohibiting swimming all Sunday afternoon.

Last summer the Trustees took the same precaution - to prohibit swimming at the refuge - after numerous shark sightings and predations close to shore were reported.

The species of shark could not immediately be confirmed.

As the seal population around Nantucket has boomed, these types of encounters have become relatively common during the summer months. Great white sharks and other species of sharks have become frequent visitors to the waters around the island, attracted by the abundant food source.

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