WATCH: Whales Make Close Approach To Nantucket Charter Fishing Boat

Jason Graziadei •

An incredible close encounter between a Nantucket charter fishing boat with a pair of humpback whales a few miles off the island was captured on video Monday and has since gone viral on the internet.

Island resident Josh Holdgate was aboard Capt. Pete Kaizer's Althea K charter boat with a group of friends when they spotted the whales a short distance away. As they got closer to the idling boat, Holdgate started filming with his phone.

The two humpbacks came within feet of the boat before diving below it as the crew hollered in amazement.

"The whales were insane today," Holdgate told the Current. The video has been viewed nearly 1 million times across our social media pages in less than 24 hours. See for yourself!

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