A Call To Town Meeting

Patsy Wright •

To the editor: Yea or Nay, I urge all Nantucket residents, regardless of how you intend to cast your vote, to find one hour, just one hour, to attend the Special Town Meeting on Nov. 7th at 5 o’clock. Only by showing up to Town Meeting can we actively engage in the democratic process and make a difference. Your presence and active participation can truly shape Nantucket’s future.

It is with tremendous restraint that I do not write this letter about why Article 1 and Article 2 should be defeated. Articles 1 and 2 are confusing, so a good rule of thumb to keep in mind is if you don’t know, vote no. No change, everything stays as is. It doesn’t solve the problem, but voting no is a less radical choice.

Anyone who thinks that their vote doesn’t count should reconsider. I’ve been around for more local elections and Town meetings than I care to admit to. Three times that I can recall, a single vote determined the outcome. One that I supported, and two that I didn’t. Disappointing? Yes. Democratic? Yes.

Regardless of your vote, I truly need to believe that we will all remain friends, because at the end of the day, we all love Nantucket, it is our common bond. Let’s have a giant turnout.

Patsy Wright

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