A Different Perspective On Surfside Crossing

Venessa Raab Moore •

To the editor: After reading the latest letter to the editor from Meghan Perry Glowacki last week, I decided it was time for an alternate point of view to be offered.

Despite her ongoing assertions, Ms. Glowacki and Nantucket Tipping Point are not acting on behalf of (all) Nantucket residents or the overall community. I know I didn’t ask them to act on my behalf and they certainly don’t represent me or people like me. Ms. Glowacki has shown that she is a textbook NIMBY and Nantucket Tipping Point is struggling to remain relevant. I’m not fooled by statements suggesting that they are fighting for the health and safety of the community or that something shady is going on behind closed doors. Ms. Perry’s ongoing attack on a project that could provide much-needed quality year-round housing at a variety of income levels is tone-deaf to the actual needs of the community and does nothing more than to add to the un-neighborly and hostile behavior that has been prevalent for several years among a small group of loud citizens.

Nantucket residents like me and my children – people who would be thrilled for a home ownership opportunity – support the Surfside Crossing project. Is Ms. Glowacki not aware that many year-round families need housing opportunities? Apparently not, or else she doesn’t care. Unfortunately, I like many other of my islander friends, was not blessed to be born into or inherit major family resources.

I was born at 57 Prospect Street and would like to stay in the place I’ve always called home – Nantucket. As long as projects that could create housing our year-round community needs are delayed by groups like Nantucket Tipping Point and individuals like Ms. Glowacki, that dream is less and less likely to become a reality. Time is ticking for my family to obtain the dream of ownership. It seems the days of we can disagree without being disagreeable have gone by the wayside, but that’s not the Nantucket I have always loved and it’s my hope we can all find our way back to that sentiment.

Venessa Raab Moore

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