"Appalled" By Effort To Challenge Rayport's Voting Eligibility

Maureen Phillips •

To the editor: I am appalled that the town of Nantucket (TON) has decided to hold a hearing, with little or no public notice, on a Sunday afternoon regarding voter registration. This is an issue which has gained a lot of notice on the national scene, but until now, Nantucket has been free of efforts to limit those who can vote on this island at town meeting.

Many voters do not spend 365 days a year on Nantucket. Many travel, have second homes, etc. It my understanding that the law requires one to have a residence in the jurisdiction where you wish to vote, That you are registered to vote at the time of the town meeting and that you do not vote in any other place. Tax havens such as Florida require strict days of actual residency, but that is not the case on Nantucket.

Ms. Rayport has been very active on Nantucket for several years. She has been involved in both governmental and non-governmental projects. She owns a home here. It is no secret that she has not always been in agreement with TON on various issues.

I have no idea what led Ms. Williams to make this complaint, nor what process led to the bizarre decision to hold a meeting on Sunday afternoon.

I was just made aware of this disgusting attempt to do an end run around the established practices of voter registration on our island. I ask that the members of the Select Board stand up for the rights of our citizens who choose to vote on Nantucket.

Maureen Phillips
30 Long Pond Drive

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