Chamber's Endorsement Of Article 59 Is Unprecedented And Unconscionable

Anne West •

To the editor: As a former member of the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce, it surprised me to learn of the Board of Directors decision to endorse Article 59. This endorsement is unprecedented and unconscionable.

Article 59, or a close variation thereof, has been proposed three times previously at Town Meetings, and each time it has been denied by the voters. In fact, the Board of Directors has never weighed in on this issue before, so what is the difference now that they were compelled to do so?

This sets a dangerous precedent for the Chamber. That is, whether the Chamber should be engaged in these types of issues is another matter altogether. It’s especially hard to imagine when an issue like this one is so divisive and will only benefit a subset of businesses.

I’ve spoken to several small business owners who are disturbed by this endorsement of article 59. However, most of them are concerned to come forward for fear of political retribution. I hope the board will be more thoughtful, deliberative, and considerate of its members going forward.


Anne West

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