Check Your Nantucket Negativity At Your Own Door

Nat Lowell •

To the editor: Last week's lengthly letter criticizing tourism on Nantucket currently secures the #1 spot for worst letter of the year. That is quite an accomplishment as there have been a number of bad ones already and it’s only July.

Nantucket year-round residents have been sharing summers with visitors for over 100 years now. Summer homes have long since replaced numerous large historic hotels. We voted to ban hotels outside of town in the early 80s. We are fortunate that people continue to want to visit, even as we keep trying to discourage them from coming.

Nantucket continues to be resilient against the continued negativity that occurs each passing decade. We should all be concerned with the continuing negative messaging coming out of Nantucket as bad news travels much faster these days.

For those who disagree with me, try to let the people who love it here enjoy themselves as September is only 7 weeks away.

Nat Lowell

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