Family Of Jamie Topham Thanks Island Community

Dorothy Hertz and Phil Proch •

To the editor:

To our Nantucket community: On behalf of my family, I would like to thank everyone in our community who supported us over the last two weeks as we have tried to comprehend the sudden passing of Jamie (Topham). The stories that have been shared of Jamie’s impact in people’s lives helped solidify the feelings we all had. He had a generous heart, a smile that could melt the largest of icebergs, and whose beautiful blue eyes spoke stories of the gentle and beautiful soul he had.

Jamie’s perseverance, against the hardest of odds, unconditional love, enduring friendships, stubbornness, faithfulness, and pure and honest kindness were his greatest gifts to us and the community in which he lived. The community celebrated with us the purest of kind souls as we celebrated his life on his birthday. We are forever grateful that the universe picked us to be his family and we were doubly thankful that our community welcomed and nourished him throughout his life here.

So, from all of us to all of you, we thank you for being his hockey coach, baseball coach, soccer coach, basketball coach, football coach, religious education teacher, teacher, junior firefighter instructor, mentor, boss, coworker, classmate, classmate’s parent, fellow firefighter, acquaintance, neighbor and especially his friend.

We have been overwhelmed by the warmth, generosity and love of everyone as we have and will continue to navigate life without his physical presence. The love and generosity that you’ve shown to each one of us is a reflection of his life.

Thank You!

With love and thanks,

Dorothy Hertz & Phil Proch

Nichole Marks, Jason Olbres, Scott & Caren Marks, Cameron Marks,(Irena) Brandon Marks, Leland Topham, Nick and Courtney Proch , Jackson &Logan Marks, & Sebastian Olbres.

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