Kudos To The Land Bank On Coastal Resiliency

D. Anne Atherton •

To the editor:

Kudos to the Nantucket Land Bank for leading the way when it comes to coastal resiliency.

The Land Bank projects along Easy Street and Washington Street in Town on the harbor have set a standard for best practices in dealing with repeated (and increasing) flooding. And on the south shore, the most recent decision to proactively relocate and reconfigure the parking lot at one of our most popular beaches demonstrates an understanding of what is needed to protect and preserve Nantucket’s coastal resources in a time of sea level rise.

The entire Land Bank team led by the Commissioners, Executive Director Jesse Bell, and Rachael Freeman, Director of Environmental and Agricultural Resources, deserve our community’s thanks for their leadership in dealing with this looming existential threat to our little island thirty miles out to sea.

On behalf of the Nantucket Coastal Conservancy Coordinating Team, including Elin Anderwald, Burton Balkind, Joyce Berruet, Peter Brace, Diane Coombs, Sunny Daily, Janie Hobson Dupont, Susan Landmann, Susan McFarland, Catherine Nickerson, Kate Shea, Linda Spery, Mary Wawro, and Karen Werner,


D. Anne Atherton

Administrative Coordinator

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