Missing Sailor Thanks Team That Came To His Aid

Jim Lydon •

To the editor: I was the sailor found on Coatue early Sunday morning. I had hoped no one would notice I wasn't home but my wonderful daughter Mia knew I had set off around 5 p.m. from Polpis. I did not have my phone with me and planned on sailing home at dawn due to the dense fog.

I want to apologize for the trouble caused and also thank everyone for the help. When Justin Roethke found me at 2:45 a.m. I could not have been happier. Then Diane Lang came with hot tea and a blanket.

They brought me to the Great Point gatehouse where the Nantucket Fire Department team was waiting led by Scott Holmes. I felt chilly but fine and checked out alright. My son Chris drove me to grab my truck and I got into bed about 6 a.m. Chris and I brought the boat back Sunday afternoon.

We have such a great safety support system on-island. Harbormaster Sheila Lucey and her lifeguard staff, Diane Lang, and The Trustees organization, the Nantucket Fire and Police Department. As well as my wonderful family.

P.S. Chris has ordered me a handheld GPS.

Thank you,
Jim Lydon

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