NAREB Dedicated To Providing The Community The Truth

Penny Dey •

To the editor,

It is important that the community knows that NAREB is heavily involved in providing accurate data to inform the discussion about vacation rentals on Nantucket. In fact, we were willing to help from the start. We were initially told we would have a seat on the Short‐Term Rental Work Group and, when that did not come to be, and the Town’s consultant was unable to provide complete data on rental properties and how they are used, NAREB stepped up to provide the real data.

We are focused on accurate information on the properties that are rented through NAREB member offices and, most importantly, how they are used. The proponents of Article 60 have lumped all rentals in together when the reality is that there is wide variety in how people rent their homes. Many only rent for a total of two weeks each year, some rent for a month and some rent for 10 weeks or longer. NAREB voted (unanimously) to provide this information to a third‐party consultant to be aggregated and reported back to the community.

Our information is thorough and verifiable. I am proud that our members stepped up to this challenge to help our community understand the truth. If anyone has a question about NAREB, please reach out and ask.

Penny Dey

President, Nantucket Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB)

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