Stop Taking Up Parking On The Strip

Tyler Sutton •

To the editor:

Attention contractors working on the old Tacos Tacos building & owners of Surfside! A big shoutout to start the week out right & NOT be lazy and take up all The Strip parking (especially during peak times) to do the renovations.

So many local contractors with multiple vehicles are there for hours and you should know better. We all know the whole point of The Strip is IN AND OUT, you can even get away with parking like a jacka** - because everyone knows it’s in and out.

Those businesses & our community workers rely on the ability of everyone to be quick and not just a little relying on, but a lot relying on.

You can't just say you'll park further away and walk. Workers are lucky they get the five minutes to even run into Stubbys or Island Coffee, much less drive in circles and walk blocks. You end up getting your food or coffee from somewhere else and in the winter, they can't really afford to lose any business.

And I want my coffee.

End rant.

Tyler Sutton

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